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Spiderman Mask Blinking Eye with Chin Control

Spiderman Mask Blinking Eye with Chin Control

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Introducing the Spider-Man Blinking Eyes Mask: Dive into the world of Marvel with this innovative and dynamic accessory that brings your favorite web-slinger to life! Inspired by the iconic Spider-Man, this mask features a unique blinking eyes mechanism, adding an extra layer of authenticity and excitement to your superhero experience.

Embrace the thrill of becoming your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man with the Blinking Eyes Mask. Stand out in the crowd, captivate your audience, and experience the magic of bringing Spider-Man's iconic expressions to life. Swing into action and make every moment an adventure with this exhilarating accessory. Get ready to amaze and inspire as you step into the shoes (or mask) of your favorite Marvel hero!

Chin Control: By opening and closing the mouth, the chin touches the mechanical device to control blinking or closing the eyes, and cannot control each eye individually.

The appearance of both the Ring version and Chin Control versions looks the same.

Product Information:

Material:fabric + ABS plastic
Box size: 28.5*25.5*24CM
Mask size: 19*28CM (size does not include neck)
Packaging: single independent packaging

To use this product, charge the helmet and remote control for about 30 minutes upon receiving the package. Start by turning on the switch inside the helmet to activate a blue light. Then, press and hold the button in the center of the ring to turn on the remote control. You should see a blue light again. If the remote control still does not work after following these steps, please reach out to our customer service team for a replacement. Thank you for choosing our product!

Specifications for the Disney Mascara Spiderman Headgear Cosplay Moving Eyes Electronic Mask: suitable for ages 14+ and sourced from Mainland China. It's a unisex model with remote control capabilities, inspired by Western Animation. The product is in stock and included in the original packaging.

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Gwen lighting: Touch the upper right corner of the mask's forehead to turn on the eye light, and there will be a continuous sound. Touch again to turn off the light and sound

Miles Version: Black mask, light and blinking light

Ring Version: The ring remotely controls blinking, allowing each eye to blink or close individually

The appearance of both ring control and chin control versions looks the same.

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Recommend Age: 14+y


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