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Gwen Stacy Spider Woman Maks glow in the dark

Gwen Stacy Spider Woman Maks glow in the dark

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Introducing the Spider-Woman Gwen Lightning Mask: Unleash your inner superhero with this electrifying accessory! Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and inspired by the iconic character of Spider-Woman Gwen, this mask is the perfect blend of style and substance.

Whether you're attending a cosplay event, a comic convention, or simply looking to add some superhero flair to your everyday style, the Spider-Woman Gwen Lightning Mask is the ultimate accessory for any fan. Embrace your inner hero and make a bold statement with this one-of-a-kind mask. So, why wait? Get ready to unleash your superpowers and become the hero you were always meant to be!

The Gwen Spider-Woman Mask glows in the dark!
Simply touch the upper right corner of the mask's forehead to turn on the eye light and you'll also hear a continuous sound.
To turn off the light and sound, just touch it again.

PS: This mask do not blink

Product Information:

  • Material:fabric + ABS plastic
  • Box size: 28.5*25.5*24CM
  • Mask size: 19*28CM (size does not include neck)
  • Packaging: single independent packaging

When you receive your package, remember to charge the helmet and remote control for approximately 30 minutes before use. To activate the blue light, be sure to turn on the switch inside the helmet and then press and hold the button in the middle of the ring. If you need assistance with the remote control, reach out to our customer service for a replacement. Thank you for choosing our product!

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Miles Version: Black mask, light and blinking light

Ring Version: The ring remotely controls blinking, allowing each eye to blink or close individually

Chin Control: By opening and closing the mouth, the chin touches the mechanical device to control blinking or closing the eyes, and cannot control each eye individually.

The appearance of both ring control and chin control versions looks the same.

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Recommend Age: 14+y

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