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Family Fun Easter Activity Collection

Family Fun Easter Activity Collection

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Easter is a time to celebrate rebirth and new beginnings, Jesus died on the cross for our sin. If we can accept what he did for us we can start our life again.. clean, He has forgiven all our sins, and we are free to start over.

You can celebrate this Easter with this family fun book with lots of recipes, games, and craft ideas for the whole family.

This book is full of the traditional symbols that represent new life like Easter egg, lamb, Easter bunny, and more.

Here you will find ways to make the best Easter Lamb Roast, Apple Tartlets, Hot Cross Buns, Maple-Glazed Roast Turkey Breast with Cornbread tasty Easter Bunny Cake, and Worlds Best Chocolate Easter Egg to mention a few.

You will find craft ideas for your children and puzzles, coloring book pages, and lots more.

This book has over 200 pages with fun for the whole family.

Order this book now and get it straight in your e-mail it is delivered in PDF format.

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