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The third trimester is often marked by a great deal of impatience. The mum to be will be wanting these last few weeks to pass by as quickly as possible because she tends to feel rather uncomfortable with the big belly. Besides this is the final lap until she gets to hold her baby! All those check-ups, side effects and symptoms that she had to undergo will soon come to an end as soon as the baby is born.

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The third trimester may pose various problems and forms of discomfort. These can be classified into two areas:

Emotionally – you are bound to worry a great deal at this point, particularly about the kind of labor you will need to go through. You will be mentally trying to imagine what it is going to be like, especially if this is your first time. Some fear is also normal, and as a result, many pregnant women during the third trimester end up being a bundle of nerves, and trouble sleeping is also a common problem. You need to try to calm yourself by focusing on the beauty of this experience, rather than the difficulties or pain associated with it. It can be very helpful to allow yourself more time to rest and relax. Some women like to perform exercises that can help them relax. You could also go for short walks, attend classes and it will also prove to be really helpful to talk with women who are either pregnant like you or have gone through a pregnancy.


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Physically – the third trimester can prove to be quite difficult physically. 
Many women will have a large belly, and so you may feel rather uncomfortable even when you try to lie down in bed. You may find difficulty sleeping because of this too, and this is certainly discouraging and strenuous on your body, especially as you really need to rest and get enough sleep. A pregnant woman in the third trimester is bound to feel some difficulty performing certain tasks which used to be easily manageable. But with the bigger belly, back pain and discomfort, difficulty standing for long periods, and walking, are common problems. However, there are ways which could help you cope with this period. First off bear in mind that this is just for a few more weeks.    

So be patient and try to focus on the wonderful experience that you are going to go through very soon. Afterward, your body will come back to the way it was before in most cases. The big belly will not stay there forever, that’s for sure! You will also find that there are body pillows which could help you gain a better and more comfortable position in bed. It is a good idea to invest in these. Also, do make it a point to get as much help as you can from those around you, particularly at this time.

Common things a pregnant woman will go through in the third trimester:

Back pain – this is a very common symptom which results due to the extra pressure that your body is now exerting. Plenty of rest and massages could really help you get some relief. Maintaining a good posture is really important too. Always wear low heeled shoes that have a good arch support, and if you need to lift anything make sure to do it slowly and carefully. A maternity belt could also prove helpful as it offers additional support.

Your legs – due to the increase in pressure on the legs, you may notice spider and varicose veins. You may also feel tired and experience aching feet more quickly. Make sure to wear shoes that offer proper support and avoid standing up for long periods.

Frequent urination – now that your uterus has grown more to prepare for labor, and that your baby is so much bigger, you are going to experience significant pressure onto your bladder, which in turn results in the urge to urinate more frequently. This can be really uncomfortable as well as inconvenient. There is nothing much to do as you still need to drink plenty of water to ensure proper hydration, however, avoid any caffeine. You may try to make sure that whenever you go out there is a restroom close by to avoid problems. Some women also find it’s a good idea to wear panty liners as some urine may emerge when one coughs or sneezes for example.

Shortness of breath – this is another common symptom during the third trimester. Make sure to avoid strenuous activities and get plenty of rest.

Heartburn – a good number of pregnant women experience heartburn throughout their pregnancy. Eating healthy food, and getting smaller and more frequent meals could help in reducing this uncomfortable symptom.

Bigger breasts – a good maternity bra that offers proper support is very important, especially since now your breasts have grown even more as they are ready for breastfeeding.

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All of these symptoms are normal, and to be expected. It is best to allow yourself a more easy-going lifestyle where you can rest more during this time. This will also give you more time to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for your upcoming motherhood.

How far along are you? how do you feel now? and do you have anything else to add something that can help others in the same situation, please comment under.


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