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The Second Trimester


As the second trimester starts many pregnant women have started to feel better from certain symptoms that they experienced during the first trimester.

Birthing Better

In fact, it is the reason why this trimester is practically the best one of the three since most women feel more energized than they used to in the first trimester, and at the same time, they do not have the big belly that will have grown through the third trimester.

Moreover, nausea tends to lessen considerably by now, and for many women, the second trimester marks the much-awaited news of whether it is going to be a boy or a girl.

Despite all this, there are some things which you may need to face during this trimester too, and in their own respect, they may lead to some discomfort. We shall elaborate a bit on these points so as to help you learn some tips to make your second trimester more pleasant and comfortable. During the second trimester there are considerable changes taking place, including;

Breasts – during the first trimester it is normal to feel your breasts rather sore and tender. Although these sensations are less common during the second trimester, you will, however, notice that your breasts are getting bigger. Unless you wear a bigger bra that offers support, you may thus feel a bit uncomfortable till you get used to your breast enlargement.

Headaches and related problems – there are many pregnant women who experience headaches rather often during the first and the second trimester. The reason is that there are all those changes in the hormones, as well as considerable stress and at times, changes in vision. It is very important to get enough rest, especially since aspirins are not ideally taken during pregnancy. Proper rest will help you feel better, as well as reduce stress.


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Hemorrhoids could develop – this generally results due to the increase in blood. Hemorrhoids could be rather painful and a pregnant woman could feel really distressed about this problem as they are also quite uncomfortable too. It is important to seek a doctor’s advice, and it is commonly recommended to make it a habit of sitting for some time daily in warm water as this offers some relief.


Heartburn – this is a rather common symptom which some pregnant women end up experiencing even in the second trimester. This is also a direct result of the higher progesterone levels. Get used to eating smaller meals throughout the day rather than large meals.

Constipation – due to the higher progesterone levels, constipation could persist during the second trimester. Try to drink more, and increase your fiber intake. It is also highly recommended to engage in some form of physical activity which is suitable for a pregnant woman as this could help reduce constipation.

Skin changes – this is something that worries many pregnant women and it is generally during the second trimester that certain changes start to be noticeable.
The culprit behind this is again the hormone changes. There are women who start to notice brownish or reddish marks on their skin. These are typically found on the thighs, and abdomen areas, and sometimes in the breasts area.
One needs to understand that the skin is stretching naturally in order to make room for your growing belly. Obviously, during the second trimester, the belly will start to be more noticeable for most women.
Another common skin problem one may experience is spider veins and varicose veins which tend to develop as a direct result of the additional blood circulation.
For many pregnant women the skin gets more sensitive to the sun’s rays too, so applying sunscreen is recommended.

Birthing better

There are certain creams which may offer some remedy for any skin marks and veins, but it is always important to get professional advice to make sure that you get to use safe products only. Try to bear in mind that in most cases these are all only temporary marks, and you should not allow your self-esteem to deteriorate. Some pregnant women have a tendency to do this and it is not healthy at all. Bear in mind that apart from being temporary, you are still a beautiful woman, inside an outside. And you should feel special and blessed that you are pregnant.

The urination – as discussed before it is normal for a pregnant woman to feel the urge of visiting the bathroom more often. This could still be a common problem in the second trimester as the uterus grows bigger. However, in most cases, it is not as problematic as the first and third trimesters. Just try to get used to going to places where a bathroom can be readily available.

Backache – possibly one of the most common symptoms during the second trimester. Since you get to gain additional weight by now, there is more pressure exerted on the back. Strenuous activities and tasks could prove to be painful, and you cannot take any medications unless prescribed to be safe for you and your baby by a doctor. Back pain can be both uncomfortable as well as painful, and so it could prove to be a rather difficult symptom for pregnant women. The best way to deal with it is to focus on retaining a good posture throughout the day. You should also plan to get more rest. Make sure to invest in comfortable shoes and stay away from high heels.

The above are the most common side effects pregnant women experience during this phase. There are also less common symptoms which could make you feel rather uncomfortable or ill at ease, such as;

More hair – you may notice that you are getting more hair growth than before, and at times this could be in places which are easily visible. This could include your arms and even your face. Some women also notice that their hair gets thicker. In some cases, you can remove this extra hair by safe methods like shaving, but make sure to focus on safety rather than your looks for the time being. And as noted before, try to remember that this is all temporary and you should not worry too much about it or feel uncomfortable with these changes.

Nasal problems – some pregnant women experienced a stuffy nose, particularly during the second trimester. Besides being irritating and uncomfortable, a stuffy nose could also lead to other problems such as snoring and nose bleeding. In case you are experiencing these nasal problems seek a doctor’s advice. Decongestants are not to be used while pregnant, and so you may have to stick to more natural remedies like saline drops. 

Oral problems – you need to see to your oral health even while you are pregnant. Unfortunately, pregnant women may experience certain oral problems such as bleeding and swollen gums, and this generally happens during the second trimester. Speak to a dentist so as to get a suitable and safe remedy. Oral problems could be very uncomfortable and you will need to see to them so as to reduce the discomfort and pain.

As you may see there are numerous symptoms which you might get to experience during this trimester. However, there are remedies as well as products which could help you deal with them, relieve any pain, as well as make your life a bit easier. Try not to allow yourself to feel bad about any of these symptoms, or irritated about the way you look or feel. Seeking professional advice to get the best guidance recommended, and in many cases, you can get more comfortable by simply using suitable products which are made specifically for pregnant women. From better fitting underwear, to support bras, back cushions, and natural products – you are bound to find a lot of help and support!

At this stage, I would also recommend that you start thinking about and preparing for birth a good birthing course is highly recommended.

Please if you have other things to add that can be helpful for other moms to be please comment under. And also let us know how your pregnancy experiences are, we love to hear from all of you.

Birthing Better

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