Heart For Kenya - help an orphan in Kenya

Heart For Kenya - Help An Orphan In Kenya By Donating

Heart for Kenya is an organization run by Norwegian volunteers with the organization number: 894 284 722 they have few projects in Kenya: Sponsor a child, Jiggers program, Outreach program, Help to self-help, Starting help for businesses, egg production, building projects, and sewing projects.

Sponsor a child:
Two children$1 per day you can change a child’s life. 
So many children in Budalangi are orphans because of AIDS and malaria. Budalangi has a population of 100 000 people, where 28 000 is orphans that are more than ¼ of Budalangi’s population.
You can become a sponsor today for a child for about $35 a month 
$35 is not a lot of money for most people, but for a child in Budalangi it is a lot, and it is life-changing for them, for $35 you can help one child to get food, education, and healthcare. Don’t look at the big number and think it is to many that need help, look at the one child’s life that YOU can change.
You can also support a child by donation $10 or more here on the "add to cart" button of this site.
100% of all the money we get in here goes to the children.

For more information on the sponsor a child program contact them on post@kenyahjelpen.no or heart4kenya@gmail.com

Jiggers program.  
Foot with jiggersJiggers is a big problem in Budalangi. Jiggers is a small parasitic insect that lives in the sand, it goes into the skin and lay eggs. Jiggers destroys many people’s life especially children and old people.
Jiggers destroys hands and feet and stop the children from living a fulfilled life. Some kids are so severely attacked that they can’t walk or even go to school it is very painful. It can cause inflammation and even death iFoot with jiggersf it is not treated.
Heart for Kenya has a team of 7 that goes to schools and nearby villages three days a week to remove Jiggers and to teach them how to prevent more jiggers attack.
The team is helping around 700 people a month.

Outreach program
The outreach team of 2 workers is going around to villages 1-2 times a week treating sick people that can’t afford to go to the hospital or that live to far away. The team is going to different villages with medicine and treating them. This work started in December 2011 when the village was flooded. The village often getting flooded, it is next to the Victoria River, and they regularly get flooded in the rainy season when the river is too high. The need for help from the people affected by the flooding is still significant. The team treats around 5000 people in a year.

Help to self-help groups 
Heart for Kenya has ten groups that are working with different things like farming, planting rice, making soaps and giving out a mini loan.   
110 foster parents caring for the orphans are involved in this groups.
The goal of this groups is to increase the families living standard. The money they get in by working in this groups goes to the families.

Start-help for business
Heart for Kenya is giving financial help to the foster parents who care for the orphans in the program so that they can start a small business and not being depended on help from others.

Egg production 
Heart of Kenya has 600 hens for egg production, the money they get for selling the eggs is put into the projects they do.

Building projects
Budalangi is affected by flood every year, and many houses are destroyed. The need for new houses is big, so far Heart for Kenya has built 25 houses, and many houses have been fixed

Before                                            After

They also have sewing for girls that are struggling at school. At the moment they are looking for a new sewing teacher after the previous teacher quit.
This is something they are working with, they have also worked with Nyambare hospital, where they upgraded their electrical equipment, made them a new roof and give them a lot of new equipment donated to them.
They also made a new road and borehole for water to the mission station, the hospital and two schools.
All the money used for all these projects are coming from gifts, and I also know that the volunteers running this in Norway also uses a lot of their personal money.

If you want to support them, you can click on the "add to cart button" over to donate US$10 if you want to give more then choose more quantity.

For more information on Heart for Kenya contact them on post@kenyahjelpen.no or heart4kenya@gmail.com

You can also visit their webshop by clicking here.