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Keep your toddler entertained at home.

All moms out there can attest to the fact that there are some just some days where it seems as though your toddler is a bundle of bottomless energy. So to help all the tired moms out there, we have curated some creative ways to keep your bundle of joy busy.

Being a parent is a full-time job, and during these stressful times its easy for parents to feel especially run down and tired. Keeping your toddler busy while abiding by stay at home orders can feel impossible. Especially when they seem to be brimming with untapped energy. So, this one goes out to all the tired moms and dads trying to contain your little package of TNT.

Keep your kids entertained at home

The first and possibility most well-known activity is playdough. Not only will it keep your tod busy for a while, but it’s hands on and provides a tactile experience making it amazing for fine motor skills.

Depending on the age of your tod you can try growing a miniature indoor garden. This is great because it will give your tod something to focus on and something to care for.  Have them water their plant each day and regularly check on it. This will keep them invested and immersed for a while.


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Another great idea is to have them build things, such as a fort or something a bit more complicated, like a sculpture made from blocking blocks or Styrofoam. These are great since it allows them to be creative and immerse themselves in their given tasks.

A more obvious suggestion is to let them help you with everyday chores. If you are cleaning or cooking let them assist you. Not only does this count as excellent bonding time, but it gives them something to do as well. For younger tods this can be anything age appreciate, such as fetching ingredients, holding items for you or helping you pack away toys.

Let kids help

For older toddlers, a great immersive activity is having them create their own story. Simply give them paper and crayons and ask them to create their own cartoon - be it a superhero or princess tale. After they complete their story you can have them act it out or tell you their story in their own words.

These are only a few ideas to keep your toddler engaged and busy so you can get some well-deserved rest. The key is use items that you have on hand to make creative, tactile experiences for your toddler to keep them immersed for hours.


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Keep your toddler entertained at home.

Here are some more creative ways of keeping your toddler busy indoors for a little longer.

With lockdown slowly being lifted, we know many moms are hesitant about sending their toddlers back to school. This has been a controversial topic, as moms have different opinions on what is best for their little ones.

For our mommies who do want to keep their kiddies at home a little longer, we have some activities to help you stay busy.

1) Pretend play with your little one

Young children learn by imagining and doing. Pretend play is a great way to mentally stimulate little ones during lockdown. They learn valuable skills while also having lots of fun expressing themselves. Pretend play helps your child understand the power of language and develop their social and emotional skills for the future. Playing pretend means you get to be a pretty princess or a scary lion with your little one and experience being a kid again for just 5 more minutes.

keep the kids entertained at home

2) Let’s have a dance party and sing-along

Dancing and singing isn’t just a fun activity to get the time moving faster. It’s also a fun way of burning that endless toddler energy. Dancing and singing with mommy is a fun activity to get their little bodies moving and to see their personalities shine through.

3) Let’s paint and colour

This is a fun activity for mom and kiddies to try, from painting with racing car wheels to making hand-prints. Your toddler is learning to use each finger separately when they are finger painting, and they are refining their hand-grasping skills when painting with a paintbrush. Remember to use non-toxic paint and always supervise when doing arts and craft with your little one.

4) Bring out the toys and the toybox

No matter which toys your child likes to play with, let them play. It sounds easy, because it is. Mommy can enjoy a well-deserved break while the toddler plays with their toys. If needed, switch the toys around every 10 minutes or so to keep things exciting. Toddlers are known to have a short attention span. Switching their toys is an easy way to keep them occupied and entertained for longer so you can focus on something else.

These are only a few ideas to keep your toddler engaged and busy at home. Don’t let this list limit you. The possibilities are endless! The key is to use items that you have on hand to make creative, tactile experiences that keep your toddler immersed for hours.

With toddlers’ short attention spans, each of these ideas may only work for about a minute or two. Line up a few different activities so you can quickly move between them. Toddlers are just starting to develop their imaginations, so be sure to use yours! Put your own spin on activities and tailor them to what your child enjoys.

What are you doing to keep your toddlers busy? Please write in the comment below.

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