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Baby Shower in 2021, How?

Everyone knows that, once you announce your pregnancy, the first thing many want to know (besides the sex of your baby) is if and when you will have your baby shower. It’s something everyone looks forward to, especially new moms. So, how, in this brave new world of lockdowns and social distancing, are you supposed to have a baby shower?

Baby Shower

Not surprisingly, moms - always the heroes - have found some interesting ways to make the baby shower happen in 2020. Just recently, a friend of mine who is well into her 7th month decided to host a ‘drive-by’ baby shower. Of course, this piqued my interest. What exactly was a drive-by baby shower? And how would it work?

Well, turns out it’s exactly what it sounds like. A gift in hand, we found ourselves parked behind a slew of other cars patiently awaiting their turn. Our mom-to-be’s friends would stop in front of her house, hop out, drop off her gift, take a quick selfie and just as quickly get back into their cars and drive off. It was surprisingly fun and, if nothing else, very interesting.

This ultimately got me thinking: what other solutions are pregnant women coming up with in the age of social distancing? Quite a few.


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A popular option seems to be a virtual baby shower, which is more exciting than it sounds. The idea is to bring all the elements of a normal baby shower into a virtual setting. The key differences here are, of course, that everything gets done virtually. On your big day, you’ll log in and be greeted by all your friends. You will then open up all your gifts conveniently shipped to you ahead of the baby shower, while your friends watch and snack on all the goodies you shipped to them.

The nice thing about these virtual baby showers is that you can play games, chat, laugh and enjoy some real social interaction with a twist. The take-home here is that, although times are a bit different, two things are certain: nature always finds a way and so do mothers.

With baby showers still forging ahead, we thought it would be nice to add some gifts you could send your pregnant friends this month. 

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And lastly but not least we have baby gift baskets, perfect for the new baby and parents as well.

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