A Helpful Guide for Pregnant Women and Mommies - Mommies Best Mall

A Helpful Guide for Pregnant Women and Mommies

Choosing the Best Online Mall

A Helpful Guide for Pregnant Women and Mommies

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Mommies Best MallHello I am Irene Otto, founder of Mommies Best Mall and mother of 6 children, My husband and I adopted 4 kids and we have 2 of our own (the two youngest). I know a little about what we mothers are going through, it is not easy to be a parent, a mom, a wife. I always wanted to be a mom and my dream was to have a house full of children that did not have parents - I wanted to start a children’s home. Well, I ended up adopting 4 and having two of my own, so yes, I got the house full of kids I always wanted.

Being a mom is not easy, and many times we feel alone with our struggles, I want us to have a place where we can meet together, where we can get help and ideas from each other. We are all in different phases of our mommy journey, and all of them have good and not so good things in them, but none of us are alone. You are not alone.

Some of you are just starting on your journey as a mom with all the excitement that it comes with, and some of you have been there for a while. Mommies Best Mall is for all of us, to come together, a place where you can find interesting products for yourself and for your baby or child. And a place to get help and ideas for your struggles.

The goal is to have one place where you can find everything you will need as a mom, for your kids, your house, and yourself. But that is for the future, please follow us on Facebook and our newsletter to find out all we have to offer you.

But let’s start from the beginning Pregnancy

Pregnancy | Mommies Best Mall

Pregnancy is a very exciting time, but it also comes with lots of changes in the body, mood swings, nausea, tiredness and much more. Some have a very easy pregnancy, but for some it can be a very difficult time. But with all the excitement that comes with pregnancy, a new life growing inside you, all the things to prepare for, you need to remember to take care of your baby and yourself during this time. Here is where Mommies Best Mall comes in. Wouldn’t you prefer your information to come from other moms rather than from people that have never had a child, never been a mom or even guys that have no clue what they are talking about…

The Internet is a good source of information and we all use it, but not everything we find on the web is good information or even accurate information. How can we tell which site is reputable, and which is full of garbage?

We at Mommies Best Mall are doing our best to give you the right information for all your mommy struggles, best products, best guides, articles and even ways to stay home and be able to help out financially.

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Choosing the Best Online Site

Pregnancy | Baby | Mommies Best Mall

Pregnancy can be considered a bittersweet experience for most women. The bitter part includes the common pregnancy symptoms like nausea, morning sickness, and more that pregnant women have to suffer for months.

But the sweet part is the precious life that they are carrying in their womb. Imagine having someone that you will soon laugh with, take care of, love and spend your life with. These are things that really give greater meaning to a pregnant women’s life—you are playing the leading role in giving a baby life.

Pregnancy can also be an enjoyable and fun stage in a woman’s life and this can be further achieved through having a positive attitude, healthy lifestyle and by also ensuring that expectant mothers are comfortable with their maternity clothes.

Weight gain is one of the most common concerns that pregnant women have. Women always want to look good, and when they are pregnant, they tend to feel ugly and fat. Pregnancy diet and exercise are the solution to this issue, but it’s a bit of a mystery to lots of pregnant women.

Pregnant women should go on a traditional diet. They will gain weight during this stage of their lives. Pregnancy diets really need not be that much of a mystery. Usually, you need to follow the dietary guidelines of healthy eating when it comes to what you should be eating. Ensure that you are eating a wide selection of healthy foods to obtain the appropriate nutritional intake. Don’t

Pregnancy Diet | Mommies Best Mall

forget to include folic acid in your diet. The best sources of folic acid are green, leafy vegetables. Also, never forget to take prenatal vitamins.

Exercising is also important during pregnancy and it can give you more energy. You may ask is it safe to work out during this period? Will you injure your baby if you are physically active when pregnant? Rest assured that it’s not only safe to work out during pregnancy, but it is recommended. Research shows that exercise during pregnancy is very beneficial both for mom and the baby.

Mommies Best Mall can help you out and give you some healthy food ideas, and good pregnancy exercise ideas. And we will help you and guide you with normally asked questions during this special period in your life.

Now another big problem is clothes. Thanks to your growing body, your normal clothes will now be too small, and you will need some nice comfortable maternity clothes. Don’t feel bad putting on some extra kg during this time; it is all normal. You are carrying another person inside of you, so there will be lots of changes in your body. Now finding nice maternity clothes might be a problem since you might not have much energy for walking around the mall, but we can help you there too. I would suggest that you start preparing early so you have what you need when the time comes.

There are those who are conscious about their growing belly so they opt for comfortable yet stylish clothes. These pregnant women also shop for other related products to support them and make them feel comfortable all throughout their journey to motherhood.

Shopping for the Right Maternity Clothes

Women commonly enjoy shopping even if they are pregnant. This activity becomes more enjoyable and exciting in anticipation of forthcoming motherhood. There is a wide range of choices available for pregnant women to choose from, but it pays to choose products that are of high quality, durable, and comfortable to wear. There should also be enough space, so you can relax in them instead of wearing maternity clothes and apparel which is too tight or too baggy.

Maternity clothes are typically needed during the second trimester as the belly begins to expend during that period. However, some pregnant women do not have much energy left to shop by that point. Good thing is that they now have the best option to use online shopping. This is actually where Mommies Best Mall comes in.

Mommies Best Mall - Pregnant Women’s Best Place to Shop

Shop for baby and Maternity Clothes | Mommies Best Mall

Mommies Best Mall is a trusted place to shop for an exclusive range of products designed not just for pregnant women but soon also for babies, toddlers, and children.

This is a reliable online shopping site where mothers, including first time moms, can find almost anything that they need for pregnancy, birth, and soon for their babies, toddlers, and children.

Exclusive Products Offered by Mommies Best Mall Right Now

Mommies Best Mall offers the following product selections:

  • Maternity clothes
  • Intimates and maternity nursing bras
  • Belly bands & supports
  • Nappy bags
  • Baby carriers
  • Baby clothes
  • Prams
  • Baby accessories
  • Baby Cots
  • Lots more and lots more to come

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The Perks of Shopping Maternity Products from Mommies Best Mall

Traditional shopping is no longer the hype today; online shopping is the real craze. Even pregnant women prefer shopping online because of the ease and convenience of this shopping option not to mention the plethora of maternity products to choose from.

If you choose to shop from Mommies Best Mall, you will experience and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Mommies Best Mall is a trusted seller of stylish and quality maternity clothes and products.
    All mommies and baby products at Mommies Best Mall
  • We provide secure and convenient online payment options.
  • We guarantee a hassle-free buying experience.
  • You can take advantage of great deals and special offers.
  • Mommies Best Mall caters to the needs of pregnant women and children as well.
  • We will provide you with great articles and information about pregnancy, parenting, and more.
  • We have an online support group where you can join to give and get support from other moms. 
  • We also have options for you to be able earn money and stay at home, to find out more about that you need to contact us.

This online shopping store provides a fashionable collection of maternity clothes and other related products for mothers especially expecting moms. Our wide range of exclusive products come in the latest styles and our maternity clothes ensure chic and comfortable options for pregnancy. Our maternity clothes are also stylish and comfortable to wear even after the baby is born. Place your order now and have these items delivered to you. Maternity clothes and other pregnancy items have never been more stylish and stunning than what Mommies Best Mall has to offer.

Maternity and Baby Clothes | Mommies Best Mall

Maternity Clothes and Products that Suit All Styles and Budgets

This online shopping destination provides clothes, apparel, and other related products that suit all styles and budget. There are also maternity clothes that fit slim bodies and clothes that are designed for curvy pregnant women. So if you are shopping online, particularly in Mommies Best Mall, make sure to order the right size. There are maternity clothes, breastfeeding maternity bras, belly bands & supports and many other products that may tempt you. There are clothes that can make pregnant women look sexier and more gorgeous and ready for that scheduled maternity photo shoot that captures the unforgettable moments of your life.

If you are unsure what products to purchase, you can browse products by categories featured on Mommies Best Mall official website. You can shop for intimates and maternity nursing bras, new elegant breastfeeding bras, maternity clothes and more at the right price. Shopping for maternity items should start as early as possible and with Mommies Best Mall, you don’t need to worry about anything because there are complete selections of products to accommodate your needs.

Best Ways to Save on your Purchase

Now that you have the best place to shop, you can consider paying close attention to the ways that you can obtain bigger savings on your purchases. This is helpful especially that you are anticipating bigger expenses for giving birth. There are ways to save on your purchases such as:

  • Use codes. If available, you can use coupon or discount codes to avail great savings and discounts.
  • Shop for what you need and what your budget can afford. Overspending results in real stress and headache. To save money, practice the habit of buying only the things that you need and products that your budget can afford.
  • Mommies Best Mall does not just offer quality products for pregnant women but also offers great deals and discounted items for a more practical and enjoyable shopping experience.

Visit us at www.mommiesbestmall.com and see what we have to offer.

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Different Stages of Pregnancy

A normal pregnancy lasts forty weeks. This starts from the initial day of your last menstrual period (LMP) up to your baby’s birth. This is divided into three different stages that are called trimesters. This includes the first trimester, the second trimester and the third trimester.

First Trimester

Pregnancy, First, Second and Third Trimester | Mommies Best Mall

Signs that you are already pregnant start during the first trimester. Missed menstrual period is an obvious sign that you are pregnant. Some other signs include fatigue, swollen and tender breast; protrude nipples, nausea, aversion or cravings for foods, and a lot more.

During the first trimester, the baby at 4 weeks is already developing his nervous system, heart, leg buds and arms. During this stage, the baby is already an embryo and a size of a poppy seed. At 8 weeks, embryo starts to form into fetus. Major organs starts to form, heart starts to beat, legs and arms grow longer as well as the sex organs. During this week, the baby is already a fetus and weighs at about 0.4 ounce.

The 12th week is the end of the first trimester. During this week, the muscles and nerves of the baby start to work and external organs can be seen. Apart from that, they are already at about three inches long and almost an ounce heavy size of a lime.

Second Trimester

Once you have entered second trimester, you may find it simple and easier but there are still changes to experience. During the 16th week of your pregnancy, the baby continues to grow. Their musculoskeletal system also continues to grow. Their skin becomes nearly translucent and they can already start with sucking motions. During this week, the baby is about four up to five inches long and three ounces, a size of an avocado.

At about twenty weeks, the baby continues to grow as an active baby where some movements can be felt. It is now halfway of your pregnancy and your baby is about nine ounces and six inches long, and about the length of a banana. By the 24th week, your baby is about 1 ½ pounds and twelve inches long a size of a cantaloupe.

Third Trimester

This starts from week 29 up to the birth of the baby. It’s the final stage of your pregnancy. At the 32nd week, the baby continued to grow having fully formed and soft bones, kicking and movement increases and more. At this stage, the baby is gaining ½ pound every week, fifteen to seventeen inches long and weighs 4 up to 4 ½ pounds size of a jicama.

At 36th week, the baby is about sixteen to nineteen inches long at the same time weighs about six up to 6 ½ pounds, about the length of a romaine lettuce.

The last week of the pregnancy is at 37 up to 40 weeks. During this time, the baby is already in full term weighing in between two ounces to nine pounds with an average length of about nineteen to twenty one inches long.

How Will Your Life Change?

The arrival of a baby will definitely change your life. Expect sleepless nights, tiredness and getting up at random hours just to soothe a crying baby. It is impossible to prepare for everything, but you can learn some basics to make the change a bit easier for you. For instance, you can consider enrolling in a newborn class that teaches the basics of baby care such as bathing and changing diapers. You can also ask a friend or family to teach you how to take care of a newborn.

I wish you all the success in the world,

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