Having a baby is almost every woman’s dream.....It’s such an amazing experience for us as women as we are able to bring life into the world. However, despite having all these expectations of birth, we tend to be curious and at the same time cautious about how we are going to successfully have our children.

Prepare for birth

So how do you go about this?

In order to have a more realistic expectation of birth and labor and reduce any anxiety about giving birth, you need to prepare for birth. Early preparation for birth will assist you to learn and know all birth events inside out. Moreover, you’ll get the chance to be informed on how to cope up with the process and deeply get to know how you will make it through, even when the unexpected is happening.

Now keep in mind that the whole process involves a thorough understanding of Prenatal and Childbirth Education; the right body exercises for expectant mothers; eating the correct diet and having some of the essential items that will assist and guide you through your pregnancy period.

This article will guide you on the benefits of preparing for birth and will go on and inform you about every important aspect that you need to know and consider as an expectant mother.

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Now keep in mind that the whole process involves a thorough understanding of Prenatal and Childbirth Education; the right body exercises for expectant mothers; eating the correct diet and having some of the essential items that will assist and guide you through your pregnancy period.

This article will guide you on the benefits of preparing for birth and will go on and inform you about every important aspect that you need to know and consider as an expectant mother.


Women who get to undergo prenatal classes stand to have a more realistic expectation of both birth and labor.

Understanding the whole process of birth is not just about getting to learn the obstetrical events, it’s more about understanding how your care provider will guide and monitor you with the aim of keeping both you and your baby safe.

It’s of huge importance that you get an understanding of the whole process and what will be asked of you. Please note that ignorance of what labor requires can pose an element of risk-When delivering your baby you might be required to make some crucial decisions that will go on a long way in affecting both you and the baby….Early preparation of birth can equip you with some important decisions you may need to make for safety purposes.

Your Partner will also get the chance to learn how to fully support you when you are in labor.

You need to provide room for a series of consultations with your healthcare provider…..These consultations are commonly referred to as preconception counseling appointments - Such appointments are really important as they will guide you on how to effectively manage your pregnancy. It’s through such consultations that your health strengths will be determined; your family history will be taken into consideration and health problems determined. Please note that if you are suffering from health conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and high blood pressure you ought to consult your doctor on how you will manage your pregnancy.

Early birth preparations help you to keep your body in check….In order to successfully give birth without experiencing any complications, your body needs to be in the best condition. It’s for such reason that you need to check your diet and ensure that you observe good nutrition; exercise frequently; observe weight control; reduce your stress levels and avoid the consumption of any toxins.

With early birth preparations classes, you will get the chance to understand labor and birth processes. These classes are meant to assist you in boosting your body's confidence in relation to giving birth.

So how do I deal with the fear issues am experiencing concerning giving birth?

Giving birth especially for first-time moms can be difficult and scary…How painful is the process? What are some of the most common delivery positions? Will I be able to undergo the process successfully? These are some of the most common questions that we ask ourselves. By attending childbirth education classes, you will be able to tackle some of these issues. Your instructor will guide you on a number of pain relief options, breathing techniques, relaxation and massage therapies that you ought to undergo.

PREGNANCY DIET; Nutritious foods that you need to eat when pregnant

The food that you consume on a daily basis determines your maternal health. Therefore ensure that you eat a nutritious and well-balanced diet…This is one of the best ways to prepare for birth. Now that you are eating for two, ensure that you increase your overall calorie intake by about 500 calories. Fruits, lean meats, whole grain products, vegetables and low-fat dairy products should be included in your menu.

Prepare for birth

With this in mind, below are some of the most important nutrients that should be consumed by expectant mothers-

Calcium-Calcium is responsible for your baby’s formation of strong bones and teeth, together with the proper functioning of nerves. Calcium also enables the blood to clot normally. Moreover, calcium is responsible for your baby’s growth of a healthy heart and muscles together with the development of normal heart rhythm. Great sources of calcium include; dairy products, fish, fortified cereal, sesame seeds, and Orange juices. As an expectant mother, ensure that you consume at least 1000mg of calcium content per day. Also, did you know that Eggshells are a great source of calcium for expectant mothers; Eggshells contain important calcium nutrients responsible for the growth of your baby.

Folic acid-Another important nutrient for expectant mothers. Folic acid prevents neural tube defect - which in most cases leads to the defects of a baby’s spinal cord and the brain. Folic acid is also responsible for the body’s production of extra blood. Consume at least 400 micrograms of folic acid. Sources of Folic acid include; lentils, green leafy vegetables, and Kidney beans.

Iron- Your body uses Iron to create extra blood for both you and your unborn child. Iron is also responsible for the movement of oxygen from your lungs to your entire body including to your baby’s body. Moreover, Iron ensures that your body builds enough resistance to stress and diseases, reduces tiredness, depression, and irritability. Consume at least 27mg of iron. Great sources of iron include; lean beef and pork, whole grain products, dried fruits and beans, green leafy vegetables and sardines.

Vitamin D- Vitamin D assists in the absorption of phosphate and calcium in your body. It's also responsible for the development of healthy skin and great eyesight. Ensure that you consume at least 600 units of Vitamin D each day. Sources of Vitamin D include; fatty fish and milk fortified with Vitamin D.

Protein- Consumption of enough protein during pregnancy assists in the making of enzymes and hormones for your baby. Protein is also responsible for the repairing of the different body parts. Not to forget that it's involved in brain, muscle, and blood formation. Sources of protein Seafood, eggs, beans and peas, lean meat and poultry products.

Foods to avoid include-Alcohol, large consumption of beverages with caffeine and salty foods.

Birthing Better


Lots of women shy off exercising when they are pregnant due to some misconceptions concerning exercising when one is pregnant…One of those misconceptions is that you risk injuring your unborn child.

But is this true?

No, it isn't. In fact, research has shown that regular exercise greatly improves your chances of undergoing a successful delivery. Moreover, exercising to stay fit and healthy is really important during pregnancy…Routine exercise ensures that your body is fully functional and in readiness for giving birth. However, caution has to be taken. For beginners start off by exercising at least 5 minutes a day, and then slowly build up to 10 minutes, then gradually to 15 minutes and finally to the recommended 30 minutes a day. If you were exercising regularly before pregnancy, you can stick to your daily routine program. In case you are having any doubts feel free to consult with your doctor.


  • Prepares the body for all the incoming demands of birth and labor.
  • Boosts your mood levels and energy.
  • Facilitates better sleep.
  • Prevents excessive weight gain.
  • Promotes endurance, strength, and tone.
  • Reduces backaches.


As much exercising is good for you as an expectant mother, caution must be taken as stated earlier. Strenuous exercises must be avoided at all costs. Such exercises will increase the stress levels for both you and your unborn baby…Consult with your fitness doctor first on the type of exercise that perfectly suits you.

Try out the following exercises; brisk walking, swimming, aqua natal classes. Pregnancy Yoga and Pilates are also recommended. All these exercises should be carried out at moderate intensity levels.


Whenever you experience any of the below signs…Stop exercising and take a short rest

  • Dizziness or feeling faint.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Difficulty in walking.
  • Contractions.
  • Vaginal bleeding.
  • Chest, leg, joints or stomach pains.

The above symptoms are an indication that your body has had enough exercise or is uncomfortable with the type of exercises that you are undertaking. When you experience such symptoms, stop exercising and take a short rest by gently lying down with the support of pillows a pregnancy pillow would work well. Such pillows are recommended for comfort and support. Moreover, pregnancy pillows slow down any form of body pains you may be experiencing. They promote good sleep and significantly improve your blood circulation.


As mentioned earlier, childbirth education classes are meant to lessen any anxiety you might be facing and also speed you up with all important facts concerning birth. The different class content you will get to learn includes-

A)Labor support

B)Positioning for labor and birth

C)Communication skills


E)How to live a healthy lifestyle

F)Massage and relaxation techniques meant to reduce pain.

Birthing Better


What about Prenatal classes?

Just as childbirth education classes, prenatal classes are meant to guide you on your choices concerning pain relief when undergoing labor and delivery. If you are planning a hospital birth…then you should consider Prenatal and Childbirth education classes.


  • Cost
  • Topics included in the curriculum
  • Your instructor‚Äôs philosophy concerning birth and labor
  • How often the class meets
  • How many couples can the class accommodate
  • Can you do it at home?

Where can I find these classes?

  • Visit your nearest hospital
  • Pregnancy centers
  • Through family and friends
  • Community centers
  • You can also get it¬†Online here.¬†And do it in the comfort of your home.


In order to deliver successfully, some factors and considerations ought to be undertaken. Some of these considerations include-Partaking on the right exercises, eating a well-balanced diet, keeping your body in check and also by registering and undergoing childbirth education classes.

What have you done to prepare for birth? Do you have anything to add to this post feel free to comment under.

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