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Mommies Best Mall Hip Seat Ergo Baby HipSeat

Mommies Best Mall Hip Seat 40% off right now!

Do you have a toddler? Do you love to carry him or her around? Does he or she likes to be carried? Remember they only stay small for a short time, so enjoy the time you can still carry them around.

OH yes the back pain... carry your toddler normally also gives you a back pain after a while, because of the way you carry and the position.
But our Hip Seat will help you, it has a comfortable strap around your hip helping you to keep the right position as the child weight doesn't rely on any part of your body to support the weight of the child.

So if this is you then this Hip Seat is a must.


It comes in different colors...

The hip seat comes in different colors, check them out

Easy and comfortable to wear
Easy to carry
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